TACC-005BU Yeah Racing Aluminium/Steel Universal Driveshaft Blue For Tamiya CC-01


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Yeah Racing Aluminum 7075 & Steel Universal Shaft Blue For Tamiya CC01


These are the Yeah Racing 7075 Aluminum Universal Steel Shaft Swing For Tamiya CC01. This universal swing shafts are made from durable, high quality hardened 7075 Aluminum which means a lighter drivetrain which will translate to better throttle response, lightweight mean less rotating mass but whilst being made from 7075 aluminum will be strong! Replaceable pins on both ends of the universal means that this part can be used a long time when compared to others which the pins are non replaceable!


  • For: Tamiya CC01
  • Material: Aluminum/Steel
  • Color: Blue/Black


  • Aluminum 7075 & Steel Universal Shaft Blue (2 pcs)