FTX5563R FTX Kanyon 4×4 Mountain Resue 2-Speedd RTR 1/10th Scale Crawler


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FTX Kanyon Mountian Rescue 2-Speed Edition RTR

Mountain Rescue teams around the world risk life and limb to help others. Whether it’s in the mountains of the UK such as Snowdonia, Brecon or the Scottish Highlands or trails in the Alps and Pyrenees these predominantly volunteer teams are ready for a distress call for help.

FTX’s new Mountain Rescue edition Kanyon looks to capture the go anywhere mindset of rescue teams by including some new features over the standard Kanyon. A switchable 2-speed gearbox provides high and low speeds to help navigate rough and smooth terrain, whilst a front bumper mounted winch can be operated from the transmitter to haul you out of trouble.

The iconic Kanyon body comes finished in a new mountain rescue inspired livery and a radio antenna is included for when you must contact base camp on the walkie-talkie.

A 60T brushed motor provides the torque, while the same metal output gears, locked axles and multi-link suspension produce the drive you need to pretty much scale over most obstacles.

With a moulded roof rack ready for you to load with scale rescue accessories, you don’t need to waste too much time before you are ready for your first emergency call out!


  • 99% Ready-To-Run
  • Etronix 2.4ghz radio
  • Etronix 9Kg waterproof steering servo
  • 60Amp Waterproof brushed crawler ESC
  • 60T High torque brushed motor
  • Voltz 1800mAh NiMH 7.2v Battery
  • USB 600mA charger
  • Receiver box
  • Switchable 2-speed gearbox
  • Front and rear straight locked axles
  • Link suspension for maximum articulation
  • Telescopic sliding centre driveshafts
  • Front CVA steering universal driveshafts
  • Centre compact 3-gear transmission
  • Front, centre & rear diff lockers
  • Metal output, crown and diff gears
  • Oil filled adjustable shock absorbers
  • Aluminium front/rear bumper & body mounts
  • Scale inspired rescue style bodyshell
  • Moulded fenders, roof rack & light bar
  • Front and rear moulded bumpers
  • Working front bumper winch
  • Scale styled wheels w/super soft block tyres
  • 13 Factory fitted LED lights