Force .28 4.66cc Nitro Pullstart Engine Fits HPI Savage,Trophy,Hyper 7 fit 1/8th


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Force .28 4.66 replacement engine

Force is a far eastern Nitro Engine manufacturer that supplies Nitro engines to many a well know RC brand. Got a HPI vehicle? Is the engine an “F”, well the “F” stand for Force…

This is superb value, No other Nitro engine of this size is available at this price. Superb quality internals and compatibility with current roto starts and pull starts make Force the only choice.

Using standard clutch set up and mounting locations make this a drop in fit for the HPI Savage Nitro versions.

Suitable for…

  • Pretty Much any 1/8th Nitro car!
  • Hyper 7
  • Hyper 8
  • HPI Savage .21 .25 SS 4.6 X
  • Hong Nor X1 CR / CRT
  • Schumacher Fusion
  • Schumacher Menace
  • Schumacher Havoc
  • Schumacher Swift
  • Thunder Tiger EB4
  • Thunder Tiger MTA/4
  • Associated MGT

Some vehicles may require alternative engine mounts though it is 100% straight fit in the HPI Savage.

Replacement Force .28 Nitro Engine To fit Most 1/8th Scale Nitro Chassis. Perfect Replacement Nitro Engine for HPI Savage. Force Nitro Engine Are High Quality And are used in Many RTR Models Around The World.