C-ARA3230T1 Arrma Gorgon MT RTR (no Battery/Charger) Blue


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Enjoy RC bashing with monster attitude and maximum savings when you choose this ready-to-run, 1/10 scale ARRMA® GORGON MT 2WD. Everything is included except the battery and charger. Complete it with any compatible battery type with EC3/IC3 connector and capacity you prefer or use your existing compatible batteries and charger.

Key Features

  • ARRMA amplified bashing at its most affordable price
  • Factory-built and ready-to-run – just add a battery and charger
  • Fast and tough, with attention-grabbing style
  • High-quality, LiPo-compatible Spektrum electronics
  • ARRMA amplified bashing at its most affordable price


The 1/10 scale GORGON MT is a low-cost monster truck that has everything you expect from an ARRMA® RC — unstoppable toughness, amped-up attitude, and performance capabilities that seem to have no end. This fully assembled, ready-to-run version adds one more advantage that any basher with experience will appreciate: The battery and charger choices are left up to you. Complete your GORGON MT with any compatible battery type and capacity with IC3/EC3 connectors that you prefer. Make it an even more affordable addition to your RC fleet by using a battery and charger you already own!

However you complete it, the GORGON MT is designed to make you the centre of attention wherever you bash. Straight out of the box, its strikingly original looks draw a crowd. The body comes factory-finished in blue, with colour-coordinated shock springs, battery tray, skid plates, and front and rear bumpers that resist impacts and help protect those “fang-tastic” graphics.

Go ahead and send it over punishing tracks. Proven ARRMA engineering gives the composite chassis bash-it-all durability. The independent suspension, oil-filled shocks, and adjustable ride height combine to provide a smooth ride over rough terrain. For unstoppable traction, the ARRMA GORGON MT monster truck’s 2WD transmission moves power from the MEGA 550 motor to massive rubber dBoots® Chevron tyres on tough nylon wheels. Its beefy gears are tough enough to take on brushless power, too.

If you’re new to RC, the Spektrum SLT2 2-channel radio helps you safely learn control skills by limiting maximum speed to 50% or 75% until you’re ready to unleash it all. Blast through wet conditions without worry — the Spektrum 2-in-1 25A ESC/receiver unit and high-torque Spektrum S660 steering servo are both waterproof (see the ARRMA GORGON MT instruction manual for details).

Because you add your own choice of battery with IC3/EC3 connectors and charger, you can easily build your ARRMA GORGON MT into your perfect custom RC bashing beast. Take advantage of its 2S LiPo-compatible Spektrum electronics to feed the monster with LiPo power. Add a stand-alone receiver (Spektrum SR215 recommended) to go brushless with Spektrum Firma Smart Brushless ESC/Motor Combos. Turn it up WAY past eleven — and watch this RC monster truck roar.

In The Box

  • 1/10 GORGON 4X2 MEGA 550 Brushed Monster Truck
  • Spektrum SLT Waterproof 2-in-1 ESC and Receiver Unit
  • Mega 550 14T Brushed Motor
  • Spektrum SLT2 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Spektrum S660 Waterproof Digital Steering Servo (84 oz-in @ 6V)
  • 4 AA Transmitter Batteries
  • 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm Hex Key and Multi-Tool
  • Step-By-Step Building Manual

Needed to complete

  • 7-Cell NiMH or 2S LiPo battery with IC3/EC3 connectors
  • Compatible Battery Charger
  • Battery Charging Bag