MB58594 RC Channel Tamiya Porsche 959/Celica M2/M3 Aluminium Steering Linkage Road Ball End Set


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TAMIYA PORSCHE 959 CELICA GR.B M2/M3 aluminum steering linkage rod ball end set.
RC channel part number: MB58594

2x M2 Aluminum ball end.
6x M3 Aluminum ball end.
M2 nut x2.
M3 nut x6.

This aluminum ball end is Re-building your PORSCHE 959 and CELICA GR.B best way.
It is fit on TAMIYA original ball parts and good work.

Please use the ball end remove wrench tool to separate ball end and copper ball connector screw.
Directly remove ball end from the copper ball connector screw is possible damage the ball end part.